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RS Wallace Art

Meander: Bandana

Meander: Bandana

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For the hardy traveler or the bold fashionista, the Meander Bandana is a stunning accessory, as versatile as it is unique! Designed by RS Wallace as taken from their original oil painting, Meander. 

Style Details

Make your boldest design dreams a reality with this premium cut & sew Bandana. 

This is a sublimation style, ready to take on any all-over print/design.  It is proudly cut and sewn by our expert in-house team in the USA. 

  • 95/5 spun polyester/spandex
  • 20" x 20" size
  • Merrow edge finish

Care Instructions

See below for proper care instructions to ensure the products print and material longevity.

  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Hang To Dry




Oil on canvas

In life there can be a meandering process — a following what you know and what feels right in the moment, all the while knowing there is more to learn, more to grow from and more to understand; it’s an evolution of becoming, a refining process of meandering through the journey to be on one’s true path. And when the moment comes to be able to look back, it’s a beautiful site to see all the layers, influences, events and experiences that shaped you and guided your steps forward.

This painting is a cathartic result of following this process on canvas as an external manifestation of the inner journey through the course of three separate iterations and oil layers on this canvas across 18+ months.

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Thank you!

Did you know? Your purchase directly supports a living artist! Created and designed by RS Wallace from oil on canvas to printed design on textiles, this creative process is 100% woman artist-owned, where all paintings and product lines support a living wage of a neurodivergent single mother. 

About the Artist

RS Wallace is a self-taught oil painter whose style centers within abstract expressionism and impressionism using vibrant flairs of color and bold movements, reflecting the path of her life's influences. Her work is inspired by the study of light – the trail of textures and hues created in its wake – and the energy it evokes in both physical and metaphysical environs.

Most frequently the nature of her subjects and expression rests within the human experience of spiritual beings learning how to live within a physical existence and the polarities which exist in the constructs of modern society and the  individual’s journey for greater fulfillment through connection, relationship and inner well-being.

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